Thursday, August 5, 2010

,,,smbg lg,,!!!

hey guys,,,!!!!
nk continue blk cite sal prsntation tu,,,,mayb sume org nk tao ape yg lukman prsnt,,dye prsnt psl watchphone,,,ktorg tgk,,pergh,,hbt tu !!! mcm jm power rngers,,,ahha,pwr rangers,,teingt kt pak din,,,hik3,,,jap2,,pe tah model wtchphone tu,,ha ! LG GD 910,,,huhue~dye njk gmb,,tp ktorg x post gmb tu ag,,,nnt ktorg post ea,,size bnd tu nipis,,touch scree,1.76 inch,,function lbh krg cm enfon,,ad "gigibiru" a.k.a bluetooth,,,hua3,,music plyer,email n voice rcrd,,pergh mntp dowh watchphone ni,,!! tepegun seyh ! hik3,,bntk dye simple,,but function,,3 in 1,,bntuk kcl but fnction bnyk dowh,,cm org slalu kt,,"don judge a book by its cover,,",,hihi,,this thing is suitable for businessman or offcer,,but i think all users can use it,,its not too xpnsve,,but availble,,only RM639,,hehe,,oo ya,,forgot sumthing,,manufactured by LG Company from France,,ahha,,da nxt one presentaton was so fantastic,,i love to watch the video that showed by amin,,he talked about a robot named,ALDEBARAN ROBOTICS,,,wow,,it looks so cute one ! it is 28 cm,,its flexible,,this cute robot can detect things on the floor and then it will throw them into a dustbin,,hihi,,robot ni diprgrmkn utk knl pst logo tong smph,,can i say,,wow !!!!!!!!! but robot ni lom kuar ag tp da ad prototaip dye,,ad kat Jepun,,as we know Jepun mmg hebat in technology,,,ok guys,,got to go,,ive sumthing to do,,ill continue nxt time ngan citer panass,,!!!! hihi,,

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