Thursday, August 5, 2010

,,,hot presentation of DNS 1B...

..3rd August 2010,,tuesday,,,

today was a good day 4 our claz bcoz it was some presentations from our beloved clssmtes,,,
it was so funny and xcitng,,diz presentation was beginning wit da 'serious' boy named fareez...
dy neh bajet jaa mcm criouss..pdhall ta pon..bahahhxx... =) fareez present bout usb laser pen..
hmm..bleh la thn...huhu...dy present agk cnfdent laa..isi mnarik n padat..y ta bleh blahh..bley dy wat lwk kt dpn tuhh..sengal btol mamat neyh..haha..ctenye cmni,,USB LASER PEN tu,ad 512 MB,,it`s easy to view,edit and copy file,,its function are 3 in 1;data storage,memo taking and laser pointer...ahha,,i think this laser pen is good,,besides its suitable for teens and businessman or businesswoman,,then da next one is....our assistant monitor...y ta mcm assistant ponn..haha..lukman hakim! he was tlkin bout watchphone..lecehh r beb..suara slow sgt..krg jls cra dy present..myb klu dy kuatkn sket will b complete! hehe..hmmm...tgu pny amin zhafrann a.k.a pak arab mesir..wat len dri y video beb..pehh mantap!! NAO robot...comell siot robot tue..hehe..n contains dy padat n everythin fine jer..dy pon cool n relax tyme tue laa..bdk DNS 1B sume nkal2..suke bsing tyme owg present..nseb laa si pak arab mesir neyh bley sabar..klu x..mao dy bg pnmpar tiap sowg..huk3...da next one is wawa...alaa sygny...dy wat keja las mnit ta cmplete keja dy..n ktorg sume onestly ta phm sgt ngn ap ke bnd y dy present miss azmiza brperikemanusiaan...dy bg las chance kt dy

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