Saturday, August 21, 2010

guys !!!

today i want to story about last presentation,,,
its my turn,,!!!!(ainahmad)
i was presenting about sansa shaker....

>>>a MP3 player
>>>can shake it when we want to change the song
>>>only in blue and pink in colour
>>>1 GB
>>>using AAA battery
>>>SanDisk corporation
>>>RM 140.00
>>>1 year warranty
>>>anybody can have it...!!!
its ain ahmad...

sansa shaker-the blue one

3 salji turun:

welovecable said...

ahaks shake!!! shake!!! shake!!! mg style la.. bley smbil menari.. hakhakhak!

...r0xChiCs sTAr... said...

of course,,sjake it ! shake it !!

Anonymous said...

x brape practical la..besar sgt..x besh..x leh dgr smbil menari pun,sbb gerak ckit dah tukar lagu..tyme dgr nasyid jer bole dgr dgn tenang..i lurve nasyid...